Culture of Employee Happiness

As a start up BESK tries to cultivate a unique corporate culture. It is not the typical approach as we all used to know but something inspirational that is based on agile methodology, diversity, and happy employees.

““We believe we can only achieve happy clients through our happy employees.”

Our founders are firm believers of corporate minimalism, which is based on keeping employees happy to maintain productivity. Our way is simple and happy.The core value to corporate minimalism is:  SIMPLE is POWERFUL. Simple business models are much easier to follow and more effective as they focus on what is really needed instead of offering a volume of features which are unnecessary to achieve goals. Although this might sound restricted or even controlling, these rules allow us to operate and do business with top- tier companies.”

In many ways, the work of a developer is never easy. As the ones who offer up their work to clients judgment they always have to deal with a larger risk.  BESK believes in the learning on the job approach: “ Anyone can become a great developer”. I guess that might raise one’s disdain, but truly you have to look closer to understand what BESK mean. Not everyone can become a great developer, but a great developer can come from anywhere. It is its ultimate goal to have the most diverse team possible.

“We know #diversity is one true thing we have in #common. Through experience, we learned when a #diverse group of #people #work on complex and personalized IT requirements they produce more #value and better solutions for customers #benefit.”

“We’re always on the search to find ways to optimize our people, both in terms of happiness and performance. All our employees work through a virtual office. Working from home is highly supported. Team members can discuss matters in daily meetings and work effectively together in the virtual facility created for communal use. Due to this approach our team members can work together efficiently no matter, whether they are situated in Germany, Hungary or Ecuador or anywhere else in the world.”

As Balázs Endrédi would say:-”… he cannot resist the smell of BRAIN…” This company has a completely new approach to recruitment. BESK do not only seek to offer employment when they definitely need to stock projects but opting to offer jobs on the go; to people who would go that extra mile.We’re all about initiative and constructive impact when hiring. New employees are being treated as part of a family and less like a member of a working group. BESK provides developmental support, such as training, career mentoring, they firmly believe that it is critical for businesses to have regular career planning discussions with their employees. “We seek people who share the operational values of our organization and allow growth opportunities to express that value. We are the type of company who look to create value to the lives of those around us.”

“We opt to create an innovative environment where ideas can happen. We give as much support to our employees to create the best home offices possible. From equipment to any other special requirements, we are able to cater a wide variety of needs for our employees. We also put emphasis on certain home office know hows as this setup might be new to some. We try to create a work experience for our employees, which allows them to bring out the best and think out of the box as many times as possible.”

“We believe that only a happy employee can produce a quality service for our clients. Shawn Achor made a captivating argument for a new way to view the parallel of happiness and business success in his #TEDtalk back in 2011. After watching it a number of times we took a lot of inspiration of the message and made our best to apply it to our everyday existence as a company.

The ultimate way for us is to discover ways that inspire and urge all to do more, be more until that way becomes a driving action. Inspiration can be a fleeting feeling, whereas driving action, results in immediate action.With that constant immediate action on the go, you feel it, you know it, that the end result will be incredible. Happiness is a driving force, the thing that takes us to places we thought we would never go. “

BESK’s business leaders firmly believe that if someone loves their work, takes pride in doing it well, they feel valued, there are many ways to show appreciation for a job well done. They focus on making employees happy, and in return, they gain profit from markedly higher customer satisfaction and greater returns on investments. What’s happening on the inside of the organization is felt on the outside by the customers.The best way to build happy workforce is to create a culture of appreciation and fun. If you approach employee morale by creating a work experience and show gratitude, you’ll create a happy company culture.

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